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We have redesigned our website to make it mobile-friendly and to improve its usability and incorporation to the social media. As we always want to make things easier for users, we hope that this new platform will bring us even closer.
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Raw material of superior quality harmonically combined end up into a complete dental treatment unit with basic features reliability and functionality. Meet our 2 models: Triton and Triton Plus+ and discover why they are like no other.
In Neodent S.A you can find imported goods for your every dental need: Autoclaves, X-rays units, Digital Scanners, Endomotors, Surgical Motors etc. produced by the biggest brands worldwide.
Since the very beginning, Neodent S.A has never ceased to enrich the annual consumables & materials catalogue with new products, all carefully selected, always available in stock to service orders within the very same day.
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